Poetry Revisited

The announcement of an upcoming poetry project prompted me to dig out some of my old work. And by old work I mean OLD — as in the disturbing ramblings of a teenager and very young adult from 1991-1997.

A few initial observations:

1) Okay, I now get why everyone was so worried about me. I mean, this stuff was DARK. Lots of blood and death, which — although mostly metaphorical — must have been pretty upsetting to others.

2) Someone should have TAKEN THE THESAURUS from the younger me. Good lord, I don’t even know what half those words mean. Thank god I went on to learn that stringing together 10 big adjectives doesn’t a good writer make!

3) Some of this stuff — if polished — could be really good.

Let me expand on #3. I have spent the last decade+ telling people I’m not a creative writer. I can write facts or opinions, but not poetry or fiction. That the younger me had this spark of creative flair is a kind-of reality check. I mean, that doesn’t go away, right? I’m still creative in other ways, so maybe I should revisit my former passion.

Perhaps I could start small — rework some of my old stuff — make it better, and see what happens…


About Alana J. Mauger

A writer by both profession and passion, Alana J. Mauger has 15+ years of experience in the areas of journalism, corporate communications, social media, voice narration, and radio. Her non-writing interests include abstract art, music (the harder, the better), politics, ice hockey (go Flyers!) and many types of activism. Alana holds degrees in humanities, professional writing (undergraduate) and education (graduate) and is a vegan. Follow her on Twitter @alanajanelle. View all posts by Alana J. Mauger

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