Media Round-Up

Here are some interesting communications-related articles/info from the past few months. (yes, I said months … I’ve been slacking!)

Are You Interested?Life Hacker, 6/19/12

Google+ Wants to be Your New Flickr Venture Beat, 5/22/12

6 Mistakes That Can Sink Press Release Visibility — Prof Net, 4/24/12

Dear Gracie: When Clients Want to Distribute Non-News — Prof Net, 4/18/12

Reporters Increasingly Looking for More Than Story  — PeRceptions, 4/12/12

Google’s Richard Gingras: 8 Questions That Will Help Define the Future of Journalism — Nieman Journalism Lab, 4/12/12

How to Increase Traffic and Revenue by Writing to Fewer Readers — CopyBlogger, 4/11/12

Social Media Breeds PR Laziness — Spin Sucks, 4/9/12


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A writer by both profession and passion, Alana J. Mauger has 15+ years of experience in the areas of journalism, corporate communications, social media, voice narration, and radio. Her non-writing interests include abstract art, music (the harder, the better), politics, ice hockey (go Flyers!) and many types of activism. Alana holds degrees in humanities, professional writing (undergraduate) and education (graduate) and is a vegan. Follow her on Twitter @alanajanelle. View all posts by Alana J. Mauger

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