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‘Peer Review’ Legitimacy

Apparently, in the education world, being published in a “peer review” journal is a big deal. So, I’m excited to have my third piece of work published in this regard — a case study about how Montgomery County Community College uses analytics to inform decisions that impact student learning outcomes and success, published in EDUCAUSE Review Online.

Check it out: Efficiencies, Learning Outcomes Bolstered by Analytics, Data-Informed Decision Making

While I co-authored other “peer review” pieces, this case study marks the first time I took the lead. It’s a somewhat intimidating process that involves first submitting an abstract for consideration, then, if accepted, providing an outline, followed by several drafts, and — since this is an online publication — a variety of multimedia content. At each stage, the content is critiqued by editors, and revisions have to be made. Also, at each stage, the editors could decide that the work no longer makes the cut.

So, while the case study may not reflect my typical writing flare, it’s a huge boon to my resume and writing portfolio, and I’m eternally grateful for the opportunity!


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