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Ashley’s Breaker: Social Connections

My latest post on Ashley’s Breaker, our documentary project about the Huber Coal Breaker in Ashley, PA, discusses how social media (positively) impacts the work of writers and artists, and specifically how Twitter — in the course of a day — changed the landscape of our project.

Check it out: Social Connections

Thanks for reading!


Media Round-Up

Here are some interesting communications-related articles/info from the past few weeks!

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The Beginner’s Guide to SocialCamMashable, 7/28/12

How BuzzFeed Wants to Reinvent Wire Stories for Social MediaNieman Journalism Lab, 7/26/12

How We Look at Online Ads — Mashable, 7/6/12

5 Types of Phrases to Avoid in Your Twitter Bio All Twitter, 7/3/12

How To Turn Mistakes Into Your Best Content — Modern Copy Studio (undated)

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